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love is stronger than death

Cera S.
23 October
I'm married to yessod! Our family has recently expanded to include an amazing baby girl as well as the previously established wonderful tabby J.T. Cat and the adorable lynxpoint M.A. Kitten.

Other than that, I have a hard time arranging facts about myself in a coherent way. I'm in my earliy 30s, and I teach self-defense for Impact Bay Area; in the past I also served on the organisation's Board of Directors. I spent two very happy years at San Francisco State University, graduating in 2008 with my BA in English Literature. Eventually I'll go to graduate school, most likely to get a Masters in Counselling Psychology so that I can become certified as a Marriage & Family Therapist -- although I am sometimes tempted to pursue a PhD in English Literature instead.

I read fervently, watch a little American TV (cooking shows) and a number of Japanese/Chinese/Taiwanese dramas, experiment with cooking & baking, listen to lots of music, study Japanese & French haphazardly, and obsess about random topics which catch my interest. I also, from time to time, try to write fiction.

My interests list is something of a misnomer; it's really a mix of authors I find engaging, objects I find evocative, personal jokes I don't wish to forget, things I love, and the occasional actual _interest_ that I've spent some time studying. It's sort of a sentimental snapshot of the last eight years of my life.

I struggle constantly between the desire to transform myself completely from the inside out and the fear of what others will think. Over the last few years the desire for transformation and authenticity has been persistently winning. Go me!
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