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space_parasite day!


You are my favouritest Trip-chan ever, and I am so glad I know you!

London! (not the one in Ontario)

I know I hardly ever post, and I'm sorry about that, really I am.


Ken and I are going to be in London for 8 days in September, and I would love to hear about cool things to do there, especially things which I am not as likely to find in my Lonely Planet guide, like bookstores and yummy local not-famous restaurants and things like that. We're already planning to do lots of museums and an afternoon trip to see Charleston and maybe Battle Abbey or something like that. I am rereading Eleanor Farjeon, which makes me want to wander around Sussex. We might go to Hay-on-Wye overnight, if I can manage that level of organisation, but since we're going to be relying on public transit to get everywhere I'm not sure how feasible that'll be.

I'd also *really* love advice on where to stay, both specific places and more general ideas about which bits of London one might want to live in for most of a week. When we stayed in Vancouver (BC) for our honeymoon, we lucked out by finding a neighbourhood with a beautiful Victorian B&B from which we could walk to organic bakeries and Greek restaurants and bookstores. Surely there's somewhere like that in (or near) London? (Near is fine, I think, since starting the adventurous part of the day with a short (20-30m?) train ride into London and then going to museums all day and then training back seems perfectly reasonable to me.)

Any and all thoughts are most gratefully welcome!
Happy New Year!

Impact stuff!

If anyone is interested in the self-defense stuff I do & would like to see some of it live, Impact is having its big annual fundraiser this Saturday:


The fundraiser is designed as a big party & chance to practise fighting for the people who've already taken our classes, so if you want to hear explanation & discussion of what we do & why we do it in these particular ways, this might not be for you.  But if you're interested in seeing a demonstration of self-defense for children, or simply in seeing some Impact-style fights, please feel free to drop by!


I'm going to be there, coaching fights and drinking hot cider (ooh, I hope there really is hot cider; there has been in past years!) and I'm always happy to answer questions.  If you do show up feel free to ask for me & introduce yourself if I don't already know you!  You can drop in & leave at any time & nobody will expect you to give them money, unless you're buying a brownie or something.

birthday wishes

Happy Birthday papersky!


Happy Happy liralen day!

I hope it's wonderful for you!

gender-neutral marriage in california

AB849, Gender-Neutral Marriage in California, moves to Arnold

Speculation is that The Governorator may veto the bill. If you want to express your opinion on the bill, you can dial his office at 916-445-2841, where a fairly simple phone tree will let you express your opinions even outside of office hours.
(Press 2 to indicate that you want to register an opinion on legislation, then 1 to indicate that you want to register an opinion on AB849, finally 1 to indicate support of (or 2 to indicate an opinion against) AB849. It'll take less than a minute.)

[copied from neko_san, who got it from joedecker]

birthday birthday

Happy birthday beloved husband yessod!


Happy birthday lcohen and cija!

stupid stupid government

Congress is moving to cut all funding for PBS & NPR in the next two years:

A House subcommittee voted yesterday to sharply reduce the federal government's financial support for public broadcasting, including eliminating taxpayer funds that help underwrite such popular children's educational programs as "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow," "Arthur" and "Postcards From Buster."

In addition, the subcommittee acted to eliminate within two years all federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- which passes federal funds to public broadcasters -- starting with a 25 percent reduction in CPB's budget for next year, from $400 million to $300 million.

(quotes from: http://www.moveon.org/r?r=745 -- it redirects to a Washington Post article).

http://www.moveon.org/publicbroadcasting/ has a convenient online method of sending email to local Congresspeople.