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I'd say on the whole things are improving, but locally they are still not as pleasing as I would look.

Improvement the first: Ken's wrist is definitely getting better, and they are pleased enough by his progress that he has two different splints instead of an enormous heavy cast. He is even allowed to take off his splint for showering purposes, so the plastic bag & rubberbands can be removed from the bathroom. He'll get X-rayed again in about 10 days, and if all has continued to go well he should be splint-free at that point.

Improvement the second: My cold is on the mend, such that this weekend I was able to return to sleeping horizontally instead of semi-vertically. My neck and shoulders are pleased.

Sadly, I am now entangled in a huge confusing pile of beauracracy about my car, which is at the very least going to involve a DMV appointment, and might involve much paperwork, faxing things to & from Florida, and all sorts of other hassle. I am hoping, though, that the single DMV appointment next week will cover it. And at least I get to feel virtuous about attempting to untangle the confusion.

There are good things, many of them; there is a soft warm cat in my lap right now, and another one sleeping in the living room. I had homemade clam pasta for lunch, and I get to see friends for dinner, including some I don't see very often. I have made minor progress on cleaning out the library so that another bookcase can be added to it, and in doing some had the chance to luxuriate in my piles and piles of books. There is no shortage of things to read in my apartment, not even if I never go to the library again, except of course I go to the library all the time. I'm currently reading The Misses Mallett by E. H. Young, and an early 17th century poetry anthology (England's Helicon), plus a few issues of The New Yorker because I'm always behind.

In the to-read pile... well, that's another post!


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